I love playing with glass and seeing what can be achieved through play.

These are some of the beads & glass I have made in the past; please feel free to contact me using the contact page about anything you see here, or to chat about a bespoke order.

My prices start from as low as £12, but the price does depends on the time, method and materials used as everything is priced individually.  If you’re looking for a gift there is a wide selection to choose from in the £15-£25 range.


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Metallic ridged all round

Rainbow Anemone 1

Metallic Barrel

Large ivory focal

Black & Gold Glitter Dish

Ridged - muted metallics

Blue Spiral Bubbles

Anne's under 1mb

4 beads bc framed

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If you see anything you like, and want something similar, get in touch on the Contact Page.

Mars xx