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Hi I’m Mars, and the person behind Born of Fire – Handmade Glass!

Born of Fire is the name I use when making glass, be it small glass items using a hot torch (which are then annealed in a kiln) or fused / cast glass using the kiln as my starting point.

Everything is handmade and all glass is properly annealed in the kiln to make sure it’s as strong as it can be; and cleaned thoroughly before sending out to you.

I sell my work direct to my customers online, both “off the shelf” items that I’ve already made and those made to order as bespoke or custom pieces in collaboration with the customer.

Due to my own time constraints, I don’t make large volumes, nor do I endlessly repeat made designs – but my prices still start from as low as £15 for a one-off design.

I love working with people to make something new just for them!