Chemistry in Art

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of learning about glass, full stop, but a part that sometimes drives other artists mad, but delights me, is the chemistry.

When working with colours in glass, some will react with others – usually in ways you wouldn’t want, and it’s all about the chemistry.

Certain elements are used in certain colour groups (but not always, or that would be too straightforward), so when you want to avoid a certain reaction, you need to separate those colours that will react with each other, and when you just want a reaction, you need to choose your colours just as carefully to react… and when you want some bits to react… but not others, then you really  have to get your thinking cap on and design the crap out of a picture!

That’s exactly the challenge we were set at the end of a 2 day course, blending powdered colours and a background that wouldn’t react with each other, but would react to the image in the foreground… challenge accepted!

As you can see, all the background colours* in the piece above have blended with each other, but the hare in the foreground has reacted with all the background colours it touches very evenly. One extremely chuffed student!

*There are 6 colours in the background in case you were curious.

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