The Art of Self Control


I was really trying my hardest to practice this…

Well, if truth be told, I try and usually fail with this on a regular basis.

However last month I was at the Warm Glass Studio near Bristol, surrounded by everything a glassmaker could possibly want and (perhaps) need.  Although in my case need can be a bit of a subjective term and I’ve been trying to find a good balance between the two.

I was looking at kilns and doing some window shopping; it was supposed to be actual shopping but my new (to me) car was at the serious milestone/mileage stage of needing the big preventative jobs doing, so the kiln will have to wait a while.

Actually the bigger kiln is something the business genuinely needs as my order book is full until March, mostly due to the size constraints of my current kiln, but c’est la vie, I have yet to magic money out of my money plant to fund such investments and I’ve always tried to run Born of Fire with (a lot of) investment yes, but without external/commercial loans.

I was feeling proud of my self-control… and then we started painting.

I discovered last week that I love painting… which came as a bit of a surprise.

I’ve only ever done the house type of painting since I left school and I don’t really remember doing any at school, if we did it didn’t leave any impression, and I’m not really counting the small amount of painting by numbers I’ve used in my work previously to achieve certain effects.

I have yet to see the final outcome, as it was a thick layered piece – so I had to leave before the firing was complete, but I did put in a rather large order for paint over the weekend.

I think I know which of my organs was making that decision…

How about you?

Are you a brain or a heart person, or one of the rare ones

who has found the perfect balance?

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