New website – Happy 2018!

If you pop onto my website now and then, you may well be wondering where the old one went, or you may not, and if this is your first time… Welcome!

In all  honesty there were no “ooh I must have a shiny new website for 2018” thoughts running through my head… rather I got the invoice for what my old basic website was going to cost for another year and thought “Wow!”

This naturally left me with a dilemma, should I leave the old website up for now, as I didn’t really have time to sort out a new one, and just absorb the ouch of the cost for another year… or should I bite the bullet and start afresh?

As you might have noticed, I decided to upgrade AND do something with intent…

Meme blog

I’m here, I’ve made a start, AND I’ve added a blog for now.  We’ll see where we end up ~ nothing like a new adventure for a new year!

Mars xx

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